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Wedding Day Checklist Template

The wedding day checklist is an emergency kit that reminds the bride about all the necessary tasks to be performed for a wedding. This kit is of great significance as it perfectly aids in making your special day to be perfect.

There are a number of things that should be considered for the wedding day. It is hard to remember all these tasks and hence a checklist is an entire blessing. It keeps on reminding about the things done and also about those who are remaining. No chance of mishap or missing the mandatory tasks!


The grooming of bride is the main focus of the wedding. Every bride wants to look perfect on her special day. The grooming portion of the kit includes the checklist of enormous grooming elements. Keep on marking tick on the tasks which are performed and let the others unchecked.

Grooming comprises of makeup, hand lotion, lint brush, tweezers, small hand towel, nail polish, nail polish remover, bobby pins, curling iron, deodorant, perfume, hairspray, mouthwash etc. Maintaining this checklist ensures the optimization of the beauty and elegance of bride.

Health or Medical:

It is rightly said that health is wealth. Health contributes much to the successful event. For ensuring the best health of the bride and to maintain it, it is necessary to consider over the counter medications. These are quite helpful in getting relief from discomfort or minor ailments. It includes antacids, pain relievers such as aspirin, bandage etc.


Attire is a key part of the wedding emergency kit. It should not be forgotten at all. It includes iron, safety pins, sewing tape, extra pantyhose, extra buttons, extra earring backs, flat shoes for reception etc. One can edit the wedding emergency kit and add on the elements as per their desire.

The Checklist in Word Format:

One can easily get the access to the wedding day checklist here. We believe in to design the kit having all the mandatory elements in it.

  • WORD file format: Check the tasks completed in the sheet
  • Print: Get it print before you actually start using it
  • Sample: The sample is filled with all the items to be checked. A small box appears before every item to make sure you are done with it.
  • Layout: The layout is user-friendly.
  • Editable: In case you want to make changes you can add or remove any part of the document easily. Edit it according to the need of the bride.


Wedding Day Checklist Template


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