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Weight Loss Challenge Chart Template

The weight loss challenge chart is a significant document for the people who wish to look smart by losing their weight. The obese people struggle hard to lose their weight. The fat content of the body is decreased gradually by the regular workout and through a balanced diet.

The weight loss challenge chart let the people know to monitor their progress and speed up their weight loss activities. You can take the challenge of a month or more as per your choice.


The chart contains various sections. All these sections have their own worth and should be focused in order to get the best outcomes in the desired time frame. For each week such as week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4, there exists different slots that need to be filled. It helps to track the performance. Weeks are further divided into the days from Sunday to Monday.

Body measurement:

Body measurement includes the measurement of chest, waist, arms, hips, breast etc. It should be measured at the beginning of the challenge in order to find out the exact reduction, later on. Likewise, mention the body measurements and monitor it for each week. Periodic measurement lets the people know either s/he is on the right track or not.


It is necessary to mention the start weight, start date and the goal that needs to be achieved. Measure the weight at the commencement of the weight loss challenge and do mention it in the slot of start weight. Goal to be achieved varies from individual to individual and should be mentioned on the chart in order to keep on tracking that the performance is in accordance with the desired outcomes. Mention the diet and calories to make it more effective.

Weight Loss Challenge Chart in Excel Format:

Keep your hands on the weight loss challenge chart template here. Different features include

  • EXCEL file format: Fill all details regarding the weight loss performance in the spreadsheet.
  • Printable: Get the prints after filling the details in it.
  • Use it when required.
  • The spreadsheet has details about the contestants.
  • You can edit the details as you like for yourself.


Weight Loss Challenge Chart Template


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