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Work Estimate Worksheet Template

The world economy has been changing and is converting into a service based industry. An increase in the service providers helps the economy to grow faster. Developed economies have already shifted from agricultural industry to service industry. Whereas, the economies still going through the development phase have yet to get to the service industry. This shift from agriculture to service industry also changes the products available.

Many working systems, such as hospitals, saloons, teachers and even airlines do not manufacture products rather they provide services and their services act as their products. The prices of services and quality can vary even in the same industry. Some customers are willing to pay premium prices in exchange for high-quality services. In the service industry, the prices depend on the quality of the services.

A service industry operates differently from a product based industry. Customer preferences mean a lot in the service industry. It is very important to understand the service systems to remain profitable. With the increasing trend in the service industry, the majority of the future operations managers will be hired in this sector.

The manufacturing sector and the service sector are seen to work parallel to achieve successful results. Even with the advancement of technology and manufacturing, the service industry grows as well. As the service industry plays a major role in the manufacturing sector. Services are also a part of the product. When we buy a washing machine, we are not only buying a machine, we are also buying the services. Customers make rational decisions when it comes to spending money. And when customers want to buy a product, they look at the service they get with that product.

Manufacturing industries do their costing per the expense incurred on the products. As for the service industry, they can charge you for a service provided or the hours worked. Service providers can maintain a work estimate schedule in which they can mention the work performed along with a description of the task. Hours worked should be mentioned with the rate per hour. This will help to calculate the total hours worked and the wages.

Following is given a work or job estimate template. One can utilize this template to prepare a work or job estimate for the services provided.


Work Estimate Template


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